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T - Z wood flooring terms

T-molding/T bar - molding piece that finishes the space between two areas of wood or laminate flooring. For laminate, it also fills the gap at doorways.

Texture - term to describe the surface look and feel of flooring - can range from silky smooth to hand scraped and distressed.

Threshold - a finishing piece applied to a wood floor where it transcends to another flooring level or type.

Tongue & groove - a tongue milled on one edge and a groove cut on the opposite edge, in strip, plank and parquet flooring. As the flooring is installed, the tongue of each strip or unit is engaged with the groove of the adjacent strip or unit (see 'End-matched' and 'Side-matched').

Trim - the finish materials in a building, such as moldings, applied around openings (window trim, door trim) or at the floor and ceiling of rooms.

Tung oil - a penetrating finish which gives a soft hand rubbed look when applied in multiple coats, slightly ambering the wood.

- various types used with floating floors, typically between 2-4mm thick, some with built in damp proof sheeting.

Unfinished - a product requiring sanding and staining/finishing after installation.

Urethane - synthetic chemical structure formed by one of three specific chemical reactions (see Polyurethane).

UV-cured polyurethane - a special polyurethane cured by subjecting it to a dose of ultraviolet light (see 'Polyurethane' and 'Ultraviolet').

V-joint - a term used in plank flooring to indicate that edges are eased or beveled to simulate cracks in floors of early colonial American homes.

Vapor impermeable membrane - a material having a permeance rating of .15 perms or less when tested in accordance with the desiccant method.

Vapor barrier - a material, such as foil, plastic film or specially coated paper, with a high resistance to vapor, which is used to control condensation or prevent migration of moisture.

Vapor permeable membrane - a material having a permeance rating of 5 perms or greater when tested in accordance with the desiccant method.

Varnish - a finish that contains either natural or synthetic oils refined by boiling and cooking with the addition of dryers.

Veneer - square edged leaf of hardwood bonded to provide surface face of engineered wood floors.

Viscosity - a property of fluids, either liquid or gaseous, that can be described as causing resistance to flow.

- distortion of a piece of flooring from its true plane that may occur in seasoning.

Water-base urethane - a waterborne urethane that is fully cured and dries by water evaporation (see 'Polyurethane').

Water-based - a large family of finishes with a common trait of having the solids suspended in water which is used as the solvent. Clear in appearance and looks very natural on wood.

Wax - resinous, pliable substances of plant or animal origin used for making polishes and other products. Often used on wood floors to create a soft, aged luster.

Wide-board - term used to describe board widths approximately seven inches and above.

Width - the width of individual wood boards that make up a floor.

Wire brushing - a method for imparting an artificial texture or distressed appearance to the surface of hardwood flooring.

Wood species - the primary species from which the wood floor is made.

Wood stain - paint that is very thin or low in viscosity, and formulated so that the pigment penetrates the surface rather than remaining in a film on top of the surface.

- see 'Ambering'.


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