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Atkinson & kirby

Atkinson and Kirby for All your Flooring Needs

The floor is the largest pieces of furniture in a home and the hardest to maintain. It plays a crucial part in creating a consistent interior style you always adore. Together with Source Wood Floors, we will help you assess and discover an extensive assortment of hardwood floors in each style from various manufacturers, including Atkinson and Kirby.
Some wood flooring products that caught the attention of Source Wood Floors are from Atkinson and Kirby. Featuring beautifully crafted floors that exude with great style and durability, Atkinson and Kirby has exclusive ranges of pre-finished solid and multi-layer flooring, as well as solid hardwood blocks, strips, and overlay flooring.

Maximum durability and fine styles with Atkinson and Kirby

Atkinson and Kirby is the originator of premium wood flooring. Its flooring display a subtle blend of clear, select and common grades of premium hardwood that crafted into an exceptional floor that is unique. The aim of Atkinson and Kirby is to provide inspiration and advice on how to succeed in creating an interior that suits your personality.
Atkinson and Kirby continues to strengthen its reputation by supplying floors for various projects including residential, hospitality, and retail. Since its establishment in 1903, it has become the UK?s largest manufacturer of traditional yet best-quality hardwood. Many success stories regarding Atkinson and Kirby have already been written to ensure everyone with flooring needs.
Available from Atkinson and Kirby are wood flooring and other accessories that will help maintain and keep floors from experiencing damages. Everyone in the company works together to make sure only the best quality flooring is produced to satisfy your flooring standards. Even more so, their eyes are fixed on working towards a sustainable future in the field of interior design.

Finding the perfect Atkinson & Kirby floor

Over the years, Atkinson and Kirby has experimented with various kinds and styles of wood in order to bring you the finest and unmatched offerings in hardwood flooring. Search Source Wood Floors? collection in its extensive catalogue and find the perfect product that will accompany you each day.
Here at Source Wood Floors, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise at our fingertips. Source Wood Floors will show you which Atkinson and Kirby floors fit to which interior style. With our accommodating team of experts who specialize in wood flooring, learn a lot about flooring and the tips that will help you choose which floor suits you best.