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Achieve A Natural Look With Solid And Engineered Wood Flooring

Achieve A Natural Look With Solid And Engineered Wood Flooring

Posted in Engineered Wood Flooring by Source on March 31st 2012
If you are looking to decorate your floors in a beautiful natural style, you may find it tough to choose between solid wood and engineered wood. Indeed, both have relative benefits, therefore your choice will most likely be determined by your home’s particular needs.

The solid choice

There really is something intrinsically satisfying about having solid wood floors in your home. Furthermore, you can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing they will become even more beautiful as they age. However, these same qualities do limit them a little as they don’t always appreciate being fitted in rooms where moisture is an issue. Solid wood floors also require wooden sub-floors to be fitted so that they can be nailed or glued to them during installation.

The engineered option

The real wood veneer on the surface of engineered wood flooring looks every bit as impressive as solid wood and therefore it is a great alternative to the solid choice. In addition, the physical qualities of engineered wood are more versatile than those of solid wood so they can used without issue in rooms where moisture is present. Furthermore, the tongue and groove fittings on engineered wood floors mean that they do not need to be glued or nailed to a sub-floor.No matter what your home’s particular needs are, you can be sure that your floors will benefit from the beautiful natural look which both solid and engineered wood can provide.


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