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Engineered Wood Flooring 3

Engineered Wood Flooring 3

Posted in Engineered Wood Flooring by Source on March 7th 2011
Okay folks, here’s a lesson on flooring!  Yes it’s quite confusing when you have decided that this is the route you want to go, beautiful floors, in your most prized possession, your home (No.. not your car!!) So, let’s take a quick look at engineered flooring. WHAT IS ENGINEERED WOOD FLOORING? This wood looks identical to solid wood flooring, but its construction means that there are a number of differences between the two So rather than being made from single planks of wood, the flooring consists of layered tiers of hardwood that have been pressed together. As a result, engineered wood flooring is available in a range of thicknesses and its veneer layer - which is what will be on display in your home - is available in host of designs, colours and woods. Because the layers of timber used to make engineered wood flooring all run in different directions, it is more stable than its solid wood counterpart... Among the many benefits of engineered wood flooring are increased stability, easy installation and its ability to withstand damp environments. As with any flooring, one of the first things you will think about when purchasing engineered wood flooring is how it looks and fits in with the rest of your decor. You do not need to worry about finding a style to suit you, we can supply you such a variety you will be spoilt for choice! Many consumers choose engineered wood floors over solid wood floors because it is very versatile when it comes to installation. Not only is it suitable to stick down using an elastic adhesive, you can also float the floor down onto a wood flooring underlay, and engineered wood floors are ideal to use in conjunction with under floor heating. Engineered wood floors are also a very popular choice with the DIY customer, as the easy click-fit  system makes installing the floor incredibly simple. Another great way of getting exactly the floor you want is to go for an unfinished engineered wood floor, and once it’s installed you can stain, oil or lacquer for the perfect finish. So take a look at our other blogs on how to care for your floors and you’re away! Engineered wood flooring For more ideas on flooring take a look at our wood flooring collections at www.sourcewoodfloors.co.uk.


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