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How Energy Efficient Is Engineered Flooring?

How Energy Efficient Is Engineered Flooring?

Posted in Engineered Wood Flooring by Source on May 19th 2014

The price of energy in the UK has risen sharply since the economic downturn took hold back in 2008, with the cost of both gas and electricity staying far above the average rate of income. This has caused problems for people all over the country, so therefore finding simple ways which can save money on utility bills is something which has relevance to nearly everyone. Thankfully there are solutions out there which make a noticeable difference, such as installing engineered flooring, which combines the latest innovations in layering wood to provide a material which traps heat from escaping.

How Energy Efficient is Engineered Flooring?

Engineered flooring is manufactured by using a top layer of real hardwood with either a three ply or multi-ply base. This can comprise of plywood, softwood, or even an HDF board, and the top veneer of hardwood typically ranging from between 3-4mm in thickness. Engineered floors provide the same look as a solid wood floor, but their properties are different. Because the top layer of hardwood is attached to a layered ply base, there is much less chance of the wood expanding or contracting like with solid wood planks. Engineered flooring is energy efficient in more ways than one:

  • Traps Heat – Their main way of saving energy is through the makeup of the boards and how they are able to trap heat within a room. Underlay is placed underneath the engineered flooring which prevents the heat from being lost and ensures the heat rises into your room. This type of flooring also allows you to install underfloor heating, which is also considered highly efficient as the planks will provide an even spread of heat and retain it for longer compared with using radiators.
  • How Its Made – The process used to make engineered flooring is one of the most environmentally friendly compared with other types of flooring, as much less wood is wasted, and each layer of wood is produced by using high pressures to apply several layers of the wood together, which is what gives it its durability and hardiness. This also what prevents the wood from expanding and contracting when the temperature or humidity changes.
  • Long Lasting – All types of wood flooring are renowned for their durability, as they can last for many years if maintained correctly. Even in places with high traffic, engineered flooring will never visually deteriorate and is resistant to any spills or leaks which could ruin a carpeted floor. To keep them looking in a new and shiny condition engineered flooring simply needs to be cleaned with a mop and appropriate cleaning product, which will stop any build ups of dirt or mould.

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