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Solid and Walnut Engineered Wood Flooring

Solid and Walnut Engineered Wood Flooring

Posted in Engineered Wood Flooring by Source Wood Floors on July 17th 2015
A look into the most popular law offices, consultancy firms, auditing agencies, and accounting centers today will reveal a rising trend. No, this doesn’t have any connection with the technical aspects of these careers but on the facade of their workplaces. This is the use of wood flooring, specifically walnut wood flooring, among these establishments.

What makes walnut wood flooring stand out?

Walnut is a hardwood with a dark brown color. It is relatively softer than oak, making it ideal for floors that expect soft-foot fall. Still, walnut offers durability that can withstand environmental wear and tear. Given its rich and vibrant hue, walnut provides a serious and classic ambiance to any room that uses it as flooring. Hence, businesses that deal with legal topics and financial decisions prefer walnut flooring over other wood types in order to reflect to their partners the kind of work that their offices engage into.

Clients who want to achieve the same kind of aura that walnut offers can choose between two types of flooring. These are the solid and walnut engineered wood flooring.

Solid walnut wood flooring versus walnut engineered wood flooring

Solid walnut wood flooring describes slabs of wood taken directly from walnut hardwood that are cut into rectangular dimensions. Tongue and groove sizes are also specified per wood flooring.

In contrast, engineered walnut wood flooring refers to sheets of walnut softwood that are bonded together. Walnut engineered wood flooring is actually composed of top layer wood covered with plies of walnut. This technology has evolved to accommodate market demand for uniformly sized wood flooring. Moreover, engineered wood flooring permits production of a wider range of flooring sizes from a 3 x 3 to a 10 x 10 inch flooring pieces.

Ideally, solid wood is more expensive than engineered wood flooring regardless of wood type.Fortunately, you can get better deals when they negotiate with Source Wood Floors UK. With our competitive pricing, you can rest assured that you get the quality you pay for and more. Contact us for a free quote or talk to design experts for insights.

On choosing walnut wood flooring

Choosing walnut wood flooring will improve the aesthetic property of your establishment. We recommend it especially to those who want to make their space embody a serious and dedicated mood. Between solid and walnut engineered flooring, some of the things you have to consider are your budget and needs. At the end of the day, you and your colleagues’ satisfaction should determine these choices.


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