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Top 3 Reasons Why Engineered Oak Floors Remain All Time Favourite of Homeowners

Top 3 Reasons Why Engineered Oak Flooring Remain All Time Favourite of Homeowners

Posted in Engineered Wood Flooring by Source Wood Floors on February 23rd 2016
Your flooring says a lot about your home, lifestyle and even your personality. This is why it is important to choose the best type of flooring. Typically, wood flooring speaks of elegance and durability. But among all the types of wood flooring in the market, homeowners’ all-time favourite is the engineered oak flooring.
Over the years, engineered oak floors have been very popular and well-liked among homeowners. With its myriad benefits and advantages, people who want to improve their homes opt for this unique type of flooring. While they still have other flooring options, engineered oak floors remain their all-time favourite. Here are the top reasons why.

  •          Implausible Durability
One of the most important factors that homeowners consider when they buy wood flooring is durability. Because wood tends to crack and get weaker the longer it is used, people prefer to buy something that is most durable.
Woods are also susceptible to bugs, moulds and algae so it is necessary that the type of flooring you are going to buy will remain strong and durable for a long span of time. Otherwise, you will need to replace your flooring every now and then which will apparently cost you much. Luckily, opting for engineered oak flooring will provide you with implausible strength and durability. They also ensure safety at every corner of your home

  •          Elegant and Impressive Aesthetics
Gone are the times when engineered oak flooring was just an OK option for homeowners. Today, two thumbs up are not enough to commend its beauty and splendour. Undoubtedly, engineered oak floors have really improved when it comes to aesthetics. Oak floors have always been elegant looking and that is what engineered oak floors offer nowadays. They don’t just make homes look elegant but they can exceptionally spruce up your home and turn it into a stunning and magnificent one with all their luster and grandeur.

  •          Astounding Affordability
Engineered oak floors have many other advantages but those benefits are not idyllic if they will cost you a lot of money. Fortunately, you can reap all those benefits without hurting your wallet. Though its aesthetics has improved over the years, engineered oak flooring remains highly affordable. While they are impressive and durable, they also help you save money with their reasonable price. With these top advantages of engineered oak floors, you no longer have to suffer from mind boggling question on which type of wood flooring you have to choose.

If you’d like to have full range options of Engineered Oak Floors, why not get in touch? We’d be happy to help you make you choose the best option according to the place, for your needs and your budget.


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