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What Is Engineered Wood Flooring? 2

What Is Engineered Wood Flooring? 2

Posted in Engineered Wood Flooring by Source on March 24th 2011
The most common type of wooden flooring used worldwide, engineered wood floors are made up of at least two layers of timber. The upper layer is the one which will be seen when the product is installed, and it is stuck to the core, or substrate, which gives the engineered wood flooring its stability. The top layer is usually a sawn piece of timber, while the substrate is made up of multiple thin plies of wood stuck together. Engineered wood floors have many benefits. They can be installed directly over concrete, on floors below ground level and can be used with radiant floor heating. There are no limitations in terms of plank width, and you won’t find any large gaps appearing between planks. Engineered wood flooring is also very cost-effective to install. Whatever type of flooring you go for, you’ll find wooden floors easy to clean. Vacuuming, sweeping, and damp mopping are usually all that is required. Avoid oil-based soap, and use manufacturers’ recommended cleaning products. Unlike carpet or rugs, a wood floor will not build up hidden dirt. For fantastic deals on engineered wood floors, see what we at Source Wood Flooring have to offer. We’re open till 7pm Monday to Thursday. We find the best quality products at the lowest possible wholesale price, and deliver direct to your door at below High Street prices, usually with next working day delivery. Learn more from our website today about how we could transform your home.


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