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What To Consider When Installing Engineered Wood Floors...

What To Consider When Installing Engineered Wood Floors...

Posted in Engineered Wood Flooring by Source on May 23rd 2012
What to Consider when Installing Engineered Wood Floors There are three different types of engineered hardwood flooring options currently available: floated, stapled, and glued. Each of these engineered flooring options is able to be fitted through a tongue and groove style installation. This means that each piece will easily lock into place each other piece. Some require adhesive in order to secure them together while others simply snap in place.

However, before you decide which type of engineered wooden flooring you want in your home, you need to take some time to consider what type of solution will best suit your needs and which installation process you will best be able to handle. Floating Floating floors are still the most common choice as they are the easiest to install. Indeed, all you need to do is place the planks over a thin pad that is laid over the sub floor and then either snap or glue the floor together.

Glued engineered floors are also able to be installed directly over a sub floor. However, the pieces of the floor will only stay securely stuck by using adhesive. Stapled Stapled flooring is actually quite similar to hardwood flooring in the way that it is installed. Indeed, the planks need to be nailed or stapled to the floor in order to remain suitably secure. Explore our pages further or call our one of friendly customer service agents to find out more about our many and varied engineered wood flooring solutions.


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