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Bring The Outside In, With Garden Decking

Bring The Outside In, With Garden Decking

Posted in Home & Garden by Source on June 30th 2012
What Is Garden Decking? In this guide, and just in time for summer, we aim to simplify your options when it comes to deciding on garden wood decking. We will explain the benefits of garden decking, the materials that are suitable and the simple care process decking requires. Decking is a type of outdoor floor, which can support heavy weights and designed to withstand the weather. The benefits of custom design decking include the ability to counteract uneven surfaces, to improve the navigation around the garden and to cover unwanted areas. Which Garden Decking Materials? There are four main materials that are used for decking. These are Plastic, PVC, Composite and Hardwood. The most popular are the composite and hardwood types with each type boasting a few pros and naturally a few cons. In 99% of cases, either type will suit your garden. Let’s look closer at each type. Hardwood – These are the traditional decks made from wood species such as Teak, Ipe, Iroko and other woods that contain natural oils and can therefore cope with the weather throughout the year. Hardwood Decking Pros – Looks natural, smells well and strong. Hardwood Decking Cons – Requires up keeping and can be expensive How To Maintain Garden Decking? Plastic, PVC and composite decking do not require up keeping. Hardwood and softwood on the other hand do require care, which will directly influence the longevity of the deck. The deck will benefit from regular brushing with a good stiff broom on a frequent basis throughout the year. Once a year, in Spring or Autumn, we recommend you follow a simple process that will help increase the longevity of the wood: 1. Give the deck a more thorough cleaning using a water pressure washer (up to 150psi). 2. Using a dedicated cleaning product like Cuprinol Decking Cleaner, clean the deck. This cleaner is formulated to remove grease and discolouration.

Osmo hardwood decking

Our products – your choice

These superior Osmo wood products will enhance your home with elegance and beauty. Wood both looks and feels wonderful. It is practical, hard-wearing and pleasantly warm underfoot. At Source wood floors we offer a wide selection of high quality wood with individual characteristics, helping you to design a look uniquely yours. The Osmo hardwood decking is available with secret clip fixing or with a tongue and groove system, enabling you to create the look you want with ease.

Installation made easy

The T & G system

At Source wood floors we want to make installation of our timber decking as easy as possible, and so we can supply Osmo hardwood decking with a T &G (tongue and groove) system in all wood species.

This specially designed connection combines easy installation with perfect design, saving you time and minimising waste. This is because the T&G joints are self supporting so there is no need to trim back to the nearest joist each time.

The hardwood decking is made in Germany and sorted by hand to ensure the very best quality and the highest quality finish. We also supply kiln dried wood which reduces the risk of warping. • products made in Germany • hand sorted, perfectly planed • highest quality • minimal wastage • off-cuts can still be installed • stable connection • boards do not need to be supported or meet at a joist :

The clip system

Decking is normally fixed to the base joists by screws. For people who do not wish to see the screw heads we offer two stylish “clip” systems giving a near to invisible connection. The clipper system can be used for installing boards of 25 mm thickness and more. The clipper is screwed to the underside of the board and then fixed to the wooden decking joist. The clip system uses especially planed decking boards with a longitudinal groove that makes installation with the clip simple and easy for the trade professional or any competent end user client with basic DIY skills. • no protruding screw heads • near to invisible fixing • even gaps between boards • clean, elegant and sophisticated finish If you need any help with your decking, please feel free to contacts on 08456 021 781


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