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Decking:  Get Ready For Summer

Decking: Get Ready For Summer

Posted in Home & Garden by Source on May 29th 2011

Today, garden decking has become one of the most popular patio surfaces in the UK.  When it comes to planning your decking, it goes without saying that it is always best to plan the deck out on paper first – without having so much laid eyes on a timber decking board or joist. What you will need to do however, is decide very carefully where you would like the deck to lay, relative to your home and to other elements of the landscape such as trees. If your garden decking is laid in permanent or near-permanent shade, it could well become affected by dampness – this is likely to cause a risk of algae growth.

Summer is coming and now is the time to be looking at decking. So do you need a way to liven up the colour and protect your hardwood deck from ultraviolet rays without having to apply coat after coat of chemical sealers. If we consider stability, well, this is the natural characteristic of the wood not to warp, check, split or excessively expand and contract within our environment.  Choose a hardwood species that is going to look like its fit for purpose in years to come. As most balcony decks are rather small in the actual size the amount of deck need to cover them is relatively small. In this instance of choosing a wooden species for your balcony we would always recommend using a product that you like to look and feel of and not be cost driven.

For most homeowners, deck care is frustrating, disappointing, and costly. Common problems include frequent maintenance, cupping and warping of boards, and in some cases wood replacement. So truly consistent and satisfactory deck care with enduring beauty, you must start when the deck is being built. Much of the treated lumber used for building decks today arrives at the jobsite containing approximately 60% moisture. This saturated wood dries rapidly leading to warping and cupping and stressing of the fasteners. Once the deck is built it is many times difficult to coat the bottom side of the deck.

When wood is uncoated on the bottom side, it allows moisture to be absorbed, especially if the deck is close to the ground. This moisture will cause expansion and contraction of the boards and in some cases, the moisture must pass through the bottom of the board and out through the top causing problems with the coating or stain on the topside of the board. When the deck is built and saw cuts are made it creates another tremendous source of moisture intrusion. Saw cuts cannot be sealed once the deck is built. So the solution to this common problem is to get your wood a few weeks before the deck is going to be built, stack it with spacers allowing air movement through the stack allowing the wood to dry slowly before the deck is built. Once the wood is dry, a sealer or waterproof or can be applied to the backside and all saw cuts as the deck is being built. Once construction is completed, the topside of the deck can be stained or sealed or finished with the appropriate product.

We supply all the oils and colours and cleaner to keep your decking looking in top top shape. So take a look at our decking products and please feel free to contact us with any queries.

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