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Remodelling In A Shabby Chic Style

Remodelling In A Shabby Chic Style

Posted in Home & Garden by Source on February 24th 2011
The shabby chic style is very popular right now, and there are many things you can do and ways to decorate if you want to make a room look shabby chic but if you want to remodel your entire home in this style, you may need to take things a step further. Here are some tips to help you make over your entire home in the shabby chic style. Start with the bare bones.

If you have carpets on your floors, consider ripping them up to reveal the hardwood flooring underneath. A wood floor, such as oak flooring, goes with the shabby chic look a lot better than rugs and carpets especially modern looking rugs and carpets. If you don’t have hardwood flooring underneath the carpets, consider putting in some area rugs that look old fashioned to cover up the majority of the modern carpets. Tapestry rugs, braided rugs, and rag rugs are all wonderful choices.

If you have engineered hardwood flooring, maybe look into what can be done with this. Now move on to the walls. Painting them in a neutral colour works best—such as cream or white. While many older homes such as Victorian style or Georgian style houses had elaborate wallpaper, this isn’t really in keeping with the shabby chic look. You are better off to have plain walls and hang decorative items on the wall to add that personal touch and bit of colour. Move on to the windows. Try to use white cotton curtains or lace curtains that look old fashioned, but not twee. You want to capture that countryside cottage look. From here, move on to the finer details.


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