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Room With A View: Beams

Room With A View: Beams

Posted in Home & Garden by Source on August 4th 2011
>With more and more choice being made available in varying styles, colours and finishes, having a solid wood floor installed in your home is becoming a firm favourite when people decide to redecorate. One of the benefits of a wood floor is that it is timeless and with this comes the hidden benefit that it will help you to sell your house. When it comes to restyling your living room, people often feel that if you make it too modern and contemporary it becomes cold and uninviting, especially with all the modern gadgets that are now available. So they often tend to choose wood flooring to make it more traditional. Wood floors in rooms with beams can create a beautiful look especially in the wood flooring matches the beams.

Solid wooden floor can give any room an immediate impact some may even say it can be overpowering, but you can always soften it with a few clever decorative finishes, such as a giant rug in the centre of the room, to give the room warmth keeping the walls.in a neutral colour works best—such as cream or white. While many older homes such as Victorian style or Georgian style houses had elaborate wallpaper, wood floors can keep the room a little more simplistic. Consider putting in some area rugs to cover up the some of the wood floors tapestry rugs, braided rugs, and rag rugs are all wonderful choices. Wood floorings have become more and more popular and with this high demand it means that more choice is now on offer.

There is no doubt that wood flooring is highly durable and easy to clean making it a perfect choice for any family room such as the living room. Some people may often choose against having a solid wood floor installed in these rooms, as they believe it will darken an already dark room due to the limited amount of natural light, and overhead beams but wood flooring is now available in a variety of different finishes and shades, making it more adaptable. For instance a highly polished wood flooring that shines can be extremely inviting as it brings warmth to any room.

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