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Shabby Chic With A Modern Twist

Shabby Chic With A Modern Twist

Posted in Home & Garden by Source on January 18th 2012
An intriguing article caught our eye back in December 2011. The stylish heroine of the piece was a Victoriana-mad Leicester woman who’d spent the best part of £10,000 over twenty years creating a superb interior design collection of Victorian-inspired furniture and accessories. Although the Victoriana look isn’t at the height of interior design fashions this year, we loved her dedication to an interior that’s actually very tough to nail in the modern home. Victoriana is a little too much for our seasonal spring tastes, but there are certainly a few brilliant leaves we can take out of her book in terms of chasing a hugely popular look – the shabby chic home.Shabby chic is defined by an imaginative blend of modern and vintage bits and pieces. It’s a very eclectic look that thrives on subtle mismatches and statement pieces. We adore a look that can be personally tailored, and shabby chic is a real company favourite!Our wood flooring products are ideal for the shabby chic enthusiast because they’re hardwearing, come in a huge variety of colours and finishes, and fit seamlessly into the shamelessly vintage or thoroughly modern interior. Engineered hardwood flooring is popular both for reasons of exceptional quality and price. Our engineered hardwood floors hail from only the best suppliers. If you take a peek at a few other entries in our blog, you’ll see just how fabulously dexterous they can be in terms of style. So, if you’re after shabby chic with a modern twist, invest in top staples like our hardwood floors, and finish with your top car boot sale treasure trove!


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