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Laminate Vs Hardwood Flooring

Laminate Vs Hardwood Flooring

Posted in Laminate / Vinyl Flooring by Source on May 14th 2013
What are the differences? In what situations would it be better to use laminate and in what situations would you be better off with hardwood flooring? What are the cost implications? These are just some of the main questions you are bound to ask if you are thinking of doing away with carpets in favour of something more stylish and practical. That is either laminate or hardwood flooring. If you need some guidance in making this decision, read through the following guide to give you more insight into these two wood floors and their characteristics.

Main Features Of Laminate And Real Wood Flooring

  1. Looks
In terms of appearance, hardwood flooring has a warm, genuine and inviting look that enhances many properties. Laminate also looks good if laid out well but its appearance is highly dependent on the quality used. Top quality laminate can be quite difficult to distinguish from real wood at first glance.
  1. Cost
If you are in search of a budget friendly option, laminate will be your best choice. Hardwood floors are quite expensive, but if you intend to cover a small area the price difference won't be that great.
  1. Maintenance
In terms of ease of maintenance, laminate floors win the contest. All you need to do is sweep or wipe it with a non-abrasive cloth and make sure that spillage is cleared as fast as possible. You can also install water resistant laminate if you want to go around the issue of spills and stains. On the other hand, hardwood flooring requires regular sanding and polishing if you want them to maintain their spectacular appearance.
  1. Life
Both hardwood and laminate floors are sturdy and can easily with stand general wear and tear. However, hardwood floors tend to last longer but this is highly dependent on the quality, finish, maintenance and where it is laid.
  1. Ease of Installation
If you are in search of wood floors that you can install by yourself, laminate is the best choice. This is because they are installed as a floating floor and will just lock in place. Hardwood flooring on the other hand is not so simple to install and it is recommended you seek professionals to install it for you.

Source Wood Floors For Real, Laminate And Engineered Flooring

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