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Next Generation In Laminate Wood Flooring: Aqua Step

Next Generation In Laminate Wood Flooring: Aqua Step

Posted in Laminate / Vinyl Flooring by Source on August 22nd 2013

Aqua Step Revolutionised Traditional Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate flooring is an excellent way to improve the look and feel of a home.  There are so many benefits to this type of flooring, including it being stain and scratch resistant, sunlight resistant and also extremely easy to maintain.  It is also significantly low cost in comparison to wood flooring.  It used to be the case that laminate flooring could be easily damaged by water, but with the introduction of Aqua Step the first 100% water resistant laminate floor, water is no longer an issue.  This revolutionary product can be used in places where traditional laminate wood flooring cannot.  Aqua Step laminate flooring is highly resistant to floods, moisture and condensation, making it perfect for wet areas such as bathrooms, etc.  It consists of high quality synthetic resins which do not swell under any atmospheric circumstances and are also mould resistant.  The high density surface and waterproof seams of Aqua Step flooring repel dirt, making it a clean and healthy flooring option.

Aqua Step Outperforms Traditional Laminate Wood Flooring

Aqua Step laminate flooring can absorb around 30% more moisture than traditional laminate wood flooring and has the ability to adapt to surrounding temperatures.  It is IC3 strength classified, which is the highest rating in terms of strength.  This robustness is due to construction of the boards which are a combination of superior quality synthetic resin with a honeycomb structure.  It is AC4 classified in terms of wear resistance which makes it ideal for heavy domestic use as well as commercial use.  Laminate floors from Aqua Step feature a co-extruded joint and a uniclic locking system, which simplifies the installation process.  To find out more about Aqua Step or any other wood flooring products, reach us at the following contact numbers:  sales: 08456 021781, telephone: 01379 652613, out of hours sales: 07557 688667 or you can email them at enquiries@sourcewoodfloors.co.uk


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