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Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Posted in Laminate / Vinyl Flooring by Source on December 12nd 2013
luxury vinyl flooring

If you want the beauty and texture of natural materials, such as wood or stone, but also want flooring that has a warm and soft feel, then the Vinyl Flooring is the perfect answer for you. With the choice of light or heavily embossed surfaces, with or without bevels, and also synchronised embossing - where the pattern of the stone or wood are perfectly matched with the print of the grain to give a totally authentic look - you will have flooring that is hard to differentiate from the natural product. Vinyl flooring provides you with the ultimate mix of affordable quality and versatile design. The beauty of nature meets the comfort of exceptional luxury vinyl flooring.

Warm: Vinyl flooring not only looks good, but it feels good, too! The vinyl is pleasantly warm and soft to the touch, and with its luxurious appearance will not only feel great to walk on, it will also look stunning in any room. Practical:  vinyl flooring is the perfect choice for home and commercial use, and can be used in virtually any type of room and environment. Durable: Thanks to modern techniques and technology, vinyl flooring is extremely hard wearing and achieves a high level of durability, providing you with exceptional value for money and long lasting elegance. Vinyl flooring is extremely hygienic, as, unlike carpets, there are no fibres to collect dirt and parasites. Maintaining the cleanliness of the vinyl and keeping it free from germs is easy and straightforward.

Easy to maintain:  vinyl flooring saves you time and money on after care products and services as, unlike the real wood flooring that it so successfully imitates, it requires minimal ongoing maintenance. Our vinyl flooring provides you with the look and quality finish of real wood or stone flooring, but at an unbeatable price comparison.

Take a look at our Vinyl Flooring and if you need any help please feel free to contact us on 08456 021 781


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