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Why Choose Oak Flooring?

Why Choose Oak Flooring?

Posted in Oak Wood Flooring by Source on August 24th 2010
Nothing is as English as good, solid oak. From pagan images of the green man to the legend of the Royal Oak that sheltered King Charles from the round heads - still one of the most popular pub names in the UK- the oak is ingrained in the British consciousness as a symbol of strength and longevity.

There are many varieties of oak tree, some of which are unique to our shores. Oak forests have been planted and tended for hundreds of years and the mighty oak is still one of the great sights of the British woodland. Medieval oak beams, wood flooring and carved oak door lintels in houses, churches, and even farm outbuildings survive to this day. In many cases the oak is just as serviceable as it was the day it was put up. Indeed, oak framed and oak flooring houses are becoming popular again today because of the extraordinary strength this wood retains over time.

The aesthetic value of hardwoods like oak is also coming back into style. These days we appreciate the honey colours of oak wood, polished and smoothed to a high finish. 

Oak flooring is one of the best and most durable of all floor timbers. Few other wood flooring materials have such enduring strength and resistance to rot, decay, and insect pests. Oak flooring also showcases the beauty and rich, close grain of the natural wood, much more so than just a piece of wooden furniture or a door or window frame made from it can.


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