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Beautify Your Oak Door Thresholds by Stain Matching Service

Beautify Your Oak Door Thresholds by Stain Matching Service

Posted in Skirting & Mouldings by Source Wood Floors on August 24th 2015
Door thresholds are an important selection in interior home design because of the different functions that it may serve. They can be used to divide spaces, compensate for height differences in floorings, fill in gaps in a stylish manner, or protect your home from grime, currents of air, and leakage of water. The standard and ideal hardwood to be used for thresholds is oak because of its open pore physique and fine grains. A very useful piece like this in your home needs to be reinforced, strengthened, and beautified. How do we do this? Through a process called stain matching.

Stain Matching: A Perfect Match for your Oak Door Threshold

Stain matching is basically what its name suggests: you match the color of your wood flooring to that of your door thresholds. However, this process is not as easy as it may seem. Staining wood is applying color to it without covering up its grains as opposed to paint that completely obscures them.

Wood is full of surprises

What makes the process of stain matching so difficult is that different types of wood have varied characteristics. The cells wherein the dyes and pigments penetrate have rates and capacities of absorption that are dependent on a multitude of factors such as:

  •          Patterns of Grain
A decorator cannot yet heave a sigh of relief by getting woods of the same type. Grain patterns or how the pores of the wood are arranged also come into play. The grain patterns become more evident and accentuated upon application of the wood stain. This would then highlight the differences in grain pattern between your oak door threshold and your floor.

  •          Moisture content
Woods that have lower moisture content will be able to take in a greater amount of dyes and pigments. Many attributes can influence moisture content such as the extent of drying, age of the wood and storage conditions.

Beautify your Oak Door Threshold

Are you overwhelmed with the complexity of the stain matching process? Worry not because we at Source Wood Floors UK are here to help. We offer high quality oak door thresholds with a stain matching service. You name it, we got it: from T bars, R ramps, wood to tile/carpet, stair nosing, skirting and architrave, all of which are stain-matched to your flooring. When you buy your flooring from us, the mouldings will be stain-matched based on a sample of your floor.

Did you purchase your flooring from another supplier without stain-matched thresholds? We can do it for you. Send us a sample of your flooring so that our expert partner will work its magic on the stain-matching process for you. This is completed in just a few days.


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