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6 Reasons To Choose Solid Wood Flooring

6 Reasons To Choose Solid Wood Flooring

Posted in Solid / Hardwood Flooring by Source on May 15th 2014

Solid wood flooring, sometimes called hardwood flooring, was once only a luxury option for those who could afford it. Thankfully the times have long since changed and now solid wood flooring is a great option for all kinds of purposes and can be bought for a much more affordable price. Here are 10 reasons why many people still prefer to choose solid wood flooring over the other options available.

10 Reasons Why Solid Wood Flooring Could Benefit You

  1. Durability – One of the main reasons solid wood flooring is so popular is its strength and durability. They can be used in high traffic areas and will be able to cope with anything that’s thrown at them. And as they become older, their aged appearance makes them look even better than when they were new as long as they have been maintained properly.
  2. Choice – There are hundreds of options for solid wood flooring which means whatever your taste it is easy to find a colour or species you like. No longer are planks only available in just a few choices, as now you can find wood which has been treated or varnished in different way to create effects in the wood. You can also varying grain patterns and wood which has been aged artificially.
  3. Value – One great feature of solid wood floors is that they are very unlikely to depreciate the value of your home, and are more likely to add value. Flooring such as carpet is usually replaced at least 2-3 times during the life of a solid wood floor, meaning the initial cost is worthwhile as the floor will last for much longer.
  4. Easy To Clean – Solid wood flooring is one of the easiest types of floor to maintain as very few cleaning products or time is needed to keep them looking as if they’re brand new. A simple mop with the right cleaner will ensure that no dirt will stick to the planks. They also trap dust and fumes in the fibres or grow mould in the grout.
  5. Eco-Friendly – It is also one of the best types of flooring for the environment, as there is much less wastage during production. Also its structure allows it to hold heat more efficiently and requires you to use less energy in heating your home.
  6. Easy To Change – With so many dyes, stains, varnishes and other finishing products now available, it’s easy to transform the look of your solid wood flooring without too much trouble. This can completely change your floor without spending any large amounts of time or money.

Engineered & Solid Wood Flooring At Source Wood

At Source Wood we supply a huge range of both engineered and solid wood flooring, with many different styles and colours to choose from. We also have a variety of wood flooring accessories needed for installation and finishing including glues, adhesives and varnishes. We have the best prices you will find online, plus we provide next day delivery on everything we sell. If you would like advice about any of our wood flooring options please contact one of our friendly team who will be happy to explain everything to you. Email enquiries@sourcewoodfloors.co.uk or call 08456 021 781.


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