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High End Luxury Hardwood Floors

High End Luxury Hardwood Floors

Posted in Solid / Hardwood Flooring by Source on March 16th 2015
There’s just something about the class that parquetted or wooden floors give to any room. Rooms with wooden floors look good regardless if illuminated by sunlight through glass windows or by a dim light from the lampshade by the corner. Wooden floors are also the perfect blank canvas for any room, and will work with any kind of flavour added to the room. You can make the room look posh and elegant, warm and cosy, laid back and refined, or fun and quirky – the limits are endless!

Wooden floors are timeless and remain a popular choice among homeowners regardless of the growing market for alternative flooring choices. However, as much as any homeowner would want the timelessness that only wooden floors can offer, wooden floors are a popular choice – and its timelessness does not exclude it from giving that “seen that before” feeling.

New at Source Wood Floors: High end luxury wooden floors

Luckily, here to resolve this is a fresh and exclusive addition to the market – Fat Cat Flooring. This is a collection of wooden and oak flooring with the freshest designs exclusively brought to you by Source Wood Floors.
The Chelsea SW3 range of engineered oak flooring is the most exclusive range of wood flooring to hit the UK market for years, all specially sourced and supplied by Source Wood Floors which offers you nothing but exclusively high end luxury wooden floors of the highest quality.

What is fat cat flooring?

This collection of wooden oak flooring is something people have definitely not seen before. Source Wood Floors offers you brand new flooring styles with the freshest list of finishes, colour stains, shades, and surface textures – anyone would be impressed by how many choices you have. Break away from the regular pale wood, redwood, and dark wood floors, and invest in something no one else has seen and have people compliment you on the distinct flavour of your room.

High end flooring

Fat cat flooring is relatively steep in comparison to other engineered wood floors, however, Source Wood Floors guarantees you the highest quality for your flooring and the most exclusive designs. Stand out with Fat Cat flooring and give your rooms the character it deserves. In addition to this, given that these designs are exclusively brought to you by Source Wood Floors – specially sourced and supplied – you can rest assured that these designs are not cheap imitations of other floors on the market.

These floors are not only beautiful - they are also quite durable. Along with the guarantee for high quality comes the guarantee for durability, these floors are made from genuine hardwood timber. It’s the best of both worlds.

Check out the all new Fat Cat flooring collection at Source Wood Floors and make any room your room.


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