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Maintain the Beauty of Elka Wood Flooring with These Products

Maintain the Beauty of Elka Wood Flooring with These Products

Posted in Solid / Hardwood Flooring by Source Wood Floors on July 17th 2015
Elka is one of the leading brands offering wood flooring products. They make beautiful wooden designs that are perfect for every type of home. They have dedicated their product creation in making sure that their floors require minimal maintenance. However, the beauty of any wooden flooring will definitely be tainted by the wear and tear of foot traffic. To make sure that this is far from your problem, make sure that you have these products at hand to help you maintain your Elka wood flooring.

Dr Schutz All Purpose Cleaner

An all-purpose cleaner is the type of product that can be used on all types of floors. This means that you can easily remove the dirt that collects on Elka wood floors. Another advantage of an all-purpose cleaner is that it can be used for stains. A diluted all-purpose cleaner can be used on wooden floors as often as you would like.

Woods Good Soap Spray Cleaner

If you want to make sure that the products you are using will maintain the beauty of your Elka wood flooring, you can try out a soap spray cleaner instead. This soap spray cleaner is used primarily for oiled floors. It can assure you that the wood finish will stay intact even if you clean it with the product.

Blanchon Maintenance Oil

This product is used for oiled floors, and can typically be used to keep oiled wood floors in the same condition. They can treat the Elka wood flooring to maintain their integrity. An added bonus is the ability of maintenance oil to protect wood floors even if it only takes a few minutes to dry.

Elka Tongue Tite

The tongue tite can fix any type of Elka tongue and groove flooring. It’s a great adhesive that’s created specifically for Elka to maintain its strength and appearance. Wood planks that are not staying well will no longer be your problem. This adhesive can be your answer to a continuously beautiful wood floor.

Elka wood flooring can give your house a beautiful base, but you should do your part in maintaining it. Although their wood flooring is durable, a few appropriate products to keep them in shape are very helpful. Have a finish protector, scuff mark remover, good adhesives and all-purpose cleaner nearby to extend your Elka wood floor’s life even more. Lucky for you,all of these products are available from Source Wood Floors. Shop today!


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