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The Advantages Of Hardwood Flooring

The Advantages Of Hardwood Flooring

Posted in Solid / Hardwood Flooring by Source on August 5th 2010
There are considerable advantages to choosing hardwood flooring over an artificial surface or another natural material like slate, for example. Looking at practical concerns first, a wood floor is comfortable underfoot in any season. Slate and tile floors are chilly on winter mornings and can feel hot in the summer, but wood will always feel nice underfoot. It’s also far more forgiving than other hard surfaces if you (or your kids, or your elderly relatives) should trip and fall on it. If you chose quality hardwood flooring it will last for decades. Oak, for instance, is one of the most durable of woods and can last hundreds of years if it’s looked after well. Hardwoods also tend to be closer grained and less prone to splintering than cheaper, less durable softwoods like pine. They take an excellent finish and can be beautifully polished to perfect smoothness. All wood is a renewable resource, including slow growing hardwoods. These days even teak and mahogany are grown in plantations that can be responsibly managed to provide for the future as well as for the needs of today. These long term plantation forests also play an important part in maintaining wildlife diversity and keeping our air clean. Then there is the way wood looks. You just can’t beat wood flooring for simple elegance. Hardwood has been the flooring of choice for buildings of quality for hundreds of years, and outstanding examples from past centuries still survive in stately homes around the UK and in the wider world.


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