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Light Or Dark Wood Floors: That Is The Question

Light Or Dark Wood Floors: That Is The Question

Posted in Walnut Wood Flooring by Source on November 23rd 2011
If you want to create real impact with your floors, you might want to opt for a stained oak product. These can be dramatic in appearance and can complement a range of interior design features. Dark hardwood floors are both dramatic and sophisticated, from elegant ebony to a ruddy cherry. Pair dark floors with light furnishings for a thoroughly modern combination. Use dark floors as a foundation for rooms filled with light-coloured slip covers and area rugs.

The Pros of dark wood is  dark stains enhance a wood's grain. Dark hardwood floors absorb light and are not susceptible to fading. Many dark woods such as mahogany and walnut  provide a rich sumptuous look providing an overall luxurious effect. For floors that hide the dirt choose walnut or medium dark woods. Natural clear finishes wear better than high gloss. The cons of certain woods, such as maple don't take stains very well. This may be a factor if you are refinishing floors as opposed to installing new.

Dark woods show dust and pet hair. Scratches tend to show more on dark hardwood floors. On the other hand, if you want to create a more homely, subtle feel in your abode, you might want to opt for a lighter oak or a walnut floor. Of course, as well as aesthetics, you will also have to bear in mind cost. After all, such flooring varies in price and it is crucial that you do not exceed your budget.

Light hardwood floors offer a crisp modern look or a casual traditional feel depending on the space. The Pros of Light hardwoods are perfect in rooms that don't get a lot of natural sunlight. Light hardwood floors make a room appear larger, light floors look cleaner longer and camouflage wear better than dark floors. And the cons are, for a more contemporary look try beech or bamboo. Unstained floors will darken faster than dark woods. Use a protective finish that incorporates UV protection.  Some light woods - white ash and beech are too soft for high traffic areas. Harder varieties - oak, maple, yellow birch are better for kitchens, and mudrooms to find an impressive range of engineered hardwood flooring products to choose from.

We are passionate about such offerings and go out of our way to supply our customers with the very best at highly competitive prices. So, if you want to investigate the  wood floors we provide, simply take a look at our catalogue.


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