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Grand Designs: Source Wood Floors And Sikabond Adhesives

Grand Designs: Source Wood Floors And Sikabond Adhesives

Posted in Wood Adhesives by Source on October 11st 2011
Wooden floors are subjected to dynamic and static loads that have to be absorbed by all of the construction materials involved. Dynamic loads result from walking and movement on the floor or from sound induced vibrations. Static stress is caused by increase or decrease of the moisture level of the wood due to climatic conditions, an inevitable phenomenon that in combination with rigid adhesives is often the cause for damages.

Sikabond adhesives provide enable wooden floors to be bonded to solid and engineered timber flooring directly to the sub-floor; SikaBond eliminates the need for fixing battens and rising of thresholds. Once cured, SikaBond adhesive is fully elastic. This allows the differential movement between the bonded surfaces without the risk of delamination. When fixing timber with SikaBond adhesives, adjustments can be made up to 1 hour after application.

Liquid Batten System The SikaBond adhesive Liquid Batten System makes it possible to install all types of wooden flooring on any substrate. This includes screeds, concrete, tiles, stone, metal, thermoplastic flooring and timber. Due to the versatility of SikaBond adhesives, it has the advantage of compensating for variations in floor levels by taking our surface irregularities.

Sound Insulating System Sika® AcouBond® system comprises of SikaBond® single component gun grade elastic adhesive and the Sika® Silent Layer Mat. Together these Sika products provide a unique combination of elastic bonding technology and excellent sound reducing properties. Sika® AcouBond® system provides the ideal solution to both impact and reflective noise whenever timber floor finishes are installed.

Sikabond elastic bonding technology For a long time, timber floors have not been nailed anymore, but bonded or laid as a floating floor by utilizing a wood flooring underlay. Timber floors can therefore be laid in a time-saving manner direct to concrete without the need for a sub-floor by choosing one of the Sikabond adhesives products.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries regards Sikabond products on 01379 652613 0r 08456 021781


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