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New TradeLine Flooring Adhesives by Sikabond

New TradeLine Flooring Adhesives by Sikabond

Posted in Wood Adhesives by Source Wood Floors on August 24th 2015
After choosing the type of hardwood floor that you want to use, the next step is getting your flooring adhesive. They are used to glue your floors in place and make sure that it lasts for a long time. Recently here
at Source Wood Floors, we introduced the new trusty TradeLine flooring adhesive called TradeLine MS Adhesive that is manufactured by Sikabond Adhesives Corporation.

There are necessary pointers that you must follow in installing your floors. First, when the delivery of your floors arrives, let it sit for a couple of days in the room where you want to install it. This is to let the material adapt to the temperature and humidity of the space. Check if it is still in tip-top condition. 

Next, prepare all the things that you need. Have the TradeLine MS Adhesive on hand and an applicator called a trowel. You also need a chalk to plot and mark the arrangement of your floors.

TradeLine MS Adhesive

There are many kinds of floor adhesives that you can choose from. You need one that makes good on its promise. TradeLine MS Adhesive is durable and compatible to most types of wood. All of Sika’s adhesive products meet the highest standards in the market today. Using this product makes your job easier because it is not difficult to apply and it is ready to use upon purchase. It is elastic enough to prevent stress on the wood. You also do not need to wait for a long time because it dries within 8 to 12 hours. If you worry about the chemical component and the smell, then this is the fitting product. It is odourless and solvent free. It is also formulated to prevent cupping and crowning.

Acoustic kits

The acoustics of your home is also an important concern in getting your interiors done. If this is not addressed properly, there will be annoying clacking sounds whenever family members or visitors walk around the house. There is a solution to this potential problem.

Aside from Sikabond adhesives, Source Wood Floors UK also carries TradeLine Acoustix System. The TradeLine Acoustix is an acoustics kit. It is a type of floor accessory that is placed underneath the hardwood floorings to minimise noise from footsteps. It also acts as a protective barrier between the wooden floor and the sub-floor. Source Wood UK’s TradeLine Acoustix System has everything you need, namely, an underlay, and a sausage gun. Aside from controlling unwanted sounds, it is also for hygienic purpose. It helps prevent growth of fungi and bacteria on your precious floors.

Without a doubt, the TradeLine Acoustix System is perfectly compatible with Sika’s TradeLine MS Adhesive. Get them both here at Source Wood Floors.


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