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What Wood Flooring Adhesive Do I Use?

What Wood Flooring Adhesive Do I Use?

Posted in Wood Adhesives by Source on March 13rd 2015
SikaBond T54 is a one part, elastic, ready-to-use adhesive which is perfect to use on solid and engineered wood floorings. It is solvent free, odourless and can also be on parquets, wood paving, and chip boards. Aside from this, it is also suitable for other types of wood floors, even the problematic ones like beech and bamboo, and subfloor heating. Its incredibly strong elasticity can bond any wood flooring to almost any base element. Applying SikaBond T54 wood floor adhesive is easy because it has fast curing properties. Once it is cured, it enables the wood flooring to naturally move along without damaging either the wood panels or the substrate.

SikaBond T54 can be spread unto the surface easily. Even a 13kg pail can cover up to 16m2 to 20m2. It has a very low emission of EC-1. If you will use SikaBond T54 to adhere your hardwood flooring, you will not be able to hear the cling clang of stilettos and other sounds created by your feet because it has excellent footfall-sound dampening qualities.

What to use in applying SikaBond T54?

There are two ways to apply SikaBond wood floor adhesive: using a trowel or a dispensing gun. SikaBond T54 adhesives have special packaging made for dispensing gun reloads.

  • Using a dispensing gun
A dispensing gun operates like a syringe in terms of loading it with the adhesive. In terms of dispensing, it works like a caulking gun. It can be reloaded easily and effortlessly. SikaBond T54 wood floor adhesives come in 600cc sausages which makes it ultimately uncomplicated to load a dispensing gun. To use a gun, simply place the sausage inside it. Cut off one end and let the adhesive out. These 600cc sausages can cover an area of approximately 1.5m2. Bonding hardwood floors can be done in a wink of an eye with a dispensing gun.

  • Using a trowel
Although a trowel can also be used in applying SikaBond T54, a dispensing gun is better when applying over a large area. A dispensing gun is quicker, easier, and more accurate to use than a trowel.

Tips in applying the adhesive

To achieve SikaBond T54’s optimum adhesive capability, the surface must be cleaned, dried, and freed from traces of contamination. Any prior adhesives or coats must be removed completely. Coat the area with Sika Primer before applying the adhesive.

For more questions about flooring accessories, contact Source Wood Floors UK.


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