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Sikabond Adhesives

Why Prefer SikaBond Adhesives

Posted in Wood Adhesives by Source on June 20th 2015
Securely placed wood flooring can bring life into any space. Hence, the material used in adhering wood panels to a surface must be of high quality. SikaBond adhesives meet all the requirements for a superior installation. See very minimal gaps between planks, and experience maximum comfort while walking on your wood flooring when you use SikaBond adhesives. Here are some top of the line SikaBond adhesives you can choose from to put your wood panels in place.


If you are covering old tiles or old wood flooring with a new layer of more durable wood, use Sika Primer MB. It is a 2-component, solvent-free, low viscosity, primer. It is best used with SikaBond Wood Floor adhesives to protect wood panels and floating wood floors from any subfloor moisture. Sika Primer MB helps control osmotic moisture propagation especially in cemented substrates. If there are adhesive residues when you removed your old carpet, do not worry about it. This SikaBond adhesive is an adhesion promoter even for old adhesive residues.


SikaBond T54 is a strong polyurethane adhesive. It is a permanently elastic, single component, solvent-free wood adhesive with zero volatile organic compounds (VOC). Because of its high elasticity, it is very easy to trowel, and would not strain your hands when you apply this to your substrate. Moreover, its ability to blend well into any surface helps reduce the stress between your wooden floor and substrate. You can even bond your wood panels directly onto your old ceramic tiles with SikaBondT54.


If you live in an apartment, SikaBond95 is a perfect adhesive for you. It does not only secure your wood flooring, it is also suitable for under floor heating systems, and produces a sound reduction membrane. Yes, SikaBond95 can reduce the transmission of impact sound like your footsteps, and airborne sound such as the TV through your wood flooring. This adhesive is solvent-free, fast curing, and odourless. It is used for full surface wood flooring of solid and engineered wood floors, mosaic and industrial parquet, wood paving, and plywood. It can also be used to bond problematic woods like beech and bamboo.


SikaBondAT-80 is an adhesive used for full surface bonding of wood flooring. It has a single component, and based on Silane Terminated Polymers. It is ready-to-use, solvent-free, and very elastic. It is used to bond solid and engineered hardwood floors including strips, planks, and boards. It is also used in mosaic and industrial parquet, and residential wood paving. Moreover, it is suitable for under floor radiant heat installation.


Sika Acoubound is a two birds in one stone kind of adhesive. It is a combination of SikaLayer 03 and SikaBondT53. Hence, it forms a very forceful bond to any surface even subfloors and concrete. It also has unmatched acoustical dampening properties like SikaBond T21. It can be used in residential, office, and industrial spaces.


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