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Colour Your Floors

Colour Your Floors

Posted in Wood Finishing by Source on January 30th 2014
Colour your Floors

One of the best things about hardwood floors is that there is a wide variety of colour and nuance. This means that you can have the advantages of a hardwood floor, plus the perfect accent for your home. Many people might think that hardwood floors only come in one or two colours, but you can have your hardwood floors, even your oak floors, strained in almost any shade that you want, from very, very dark to blond.

The world of wood protection is evolving, particularly with the increasing range of tonal colours and innovative effects available, together with the rediscovery of visual appeal of natural materials. Why would you care about the colour of the stain used? A dark floor provides a warm colour to you interior, even a dark floor can give a warm look to a room. Because your floor should match the rest of the oak in your home, as well as your furniture, or the shade of your walls.

There are two different ways to get the shade you want on your floor. First, you can buy the types of wood that are already dark. Or you can buy wood that you will need to stain yourself. Whichever you choose, you can have different advantages for each option. Dark stain oak floors. Stained oak flooring is one of the easiest way to alter the colour of oak. There are many types of stains as well as lime finishes. Oak and Ash are particularly suited to staining.

The result of these natural differences in wood, means that it’s rare to find two floors which look the same in their natural state. There are now techniques to alter wood colours so you can choose from pretty much every colour you can imagine.

Wood flooring colours range from pale blondes to black in the natural hues and from reds, to greens, to blues and to yellows if you’re prepared to choose from artificially coloured options. Colouring existing floors as well as choosing pre-coloured wood flooring is now a really popular choice when it comes to interior design and styling. This is where wood flooring way out performs most other flooring options.

With a wooden floor, you can start with one colour and change the colour to your heart’s content to match your furnishings or to follow fashion.



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