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Difference between Oiled and Lacquered Wood Floors

Difference between Oiled and Lacquered Wood Floors

Posted in Wood Finishing by Source on March 13rd 2015
In choosing wood flooring for your home, one of the aspects you leave out is the type of finish. If you are currently searching for quality wood flooring, you should know that there are many possible options out there. However, the two most common are oiled and lacquered wood floors. In this article, we aim to compare the two and answer the question: what is the difference between oiled and lacquered wood floors?

Lacquered Wood Floor

Lacquered flooring is often described as modern-day varnish and is used as protection to the floor while giving it shine at the same time. An advantage of engineered lacquered flooring versus oil is that it sits on top of the floor and does not sink.

Ideally, lacquered wood finish is applied to floors that with expected heavy footfall that needs a high glossy finish.

Care and maintenance of engineered lacquered flooring is easy since it becomes water resistant somehow. But still, it is not advised to splash water onto the floor. There is a drawback though, scratches tend to show up more often in lacquered floor compared to oiled floors. Whenever the floor eventually ends up looking worn out, the best solution is to sand and reapply finish again.

Of the wood finishes, engineered lacquered flooring is one of the most popular due to its high protection level. That is why historically, dance halls and gyms had lacquered wood floors. Caution only here is that whenever the lacquer fades away, the wear and tear will eventually show up, leaving the floor vulnerable.

Oiled Wood Floor

If lacquered wood floor is considered modern-day varnish, engineered oiled floor is somewhat the old-fashioned equivalent. During the old times, people had to go on their hands and knees to wax the floor off. Nowadays, it’s the hardwax oil they use for both surface and deep penetration protection.

Ideally, oil finish is used to achieve a natural look for your wooden floor. The result is a naturally matte finish.

In terms of care and maintenance, engineered oiled floor is somewhat harder to maintain versus the lacquered type, because it requires more interventions since it penetrates deeper. Compared to lacquer, when the topmost layer is removed, the floor is still protected beneath. And just like any other floor, you just need to sweep or vacuum it off regularly and use doormats, and your floor will last pretty much fine.

In terms of protection, one of the best advantages of oiled wooden floor is its deep penetration, that it does not only protect the surface, but even until the core, that means your floor is that much well protected.

Wood product specialist Osmo UK is known for their Osmo oils, providing high quality oiled finish for your wooden floors. Both lacquered wood floors and oiled wood floors are available in Source Wood UK. See our collection of wood flooring today!


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