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New Osmo Anti-Slip Decking Oil

New Osmo Anti-Slip Decking Oil

Posted in Wood Finishing by Source on June 23rd 2010
When the sun is shining nothing enhances a garden more than beautiful wooden decking. However, come the winter and many months of wind, rain and the UV light from the sun, the resulting weathered look can be clearly seen. The UV rays will have greyed the wood surface and any moisture sitting on the surface will have created the perfect environment for algae and fungal growth to thrive. 
This green surface mould and growth can cause the surface to become slippery. The new Osmo anti-slip decking oil has been designed to try and alleviate this problem, and to help consumers to avoid hazardous "slip ups". 

This new innovation from Osmo oil is a clear oil based product which has special particles suspended in the oil which help to reduce the risk of slipping. An added benefit of these particles is that they offer a small amount of UV protection as well as preventing the build up of green growth and mould.

All Osmo oil based natural wood finishes are based on renewable vegetable oils, and the surface remains open pored and elastic. This allows the wood to breathe and the surface to retain its natural optic. The new Anti-Slip Decking osmo Oil performs the same and after each application the timber appears refreshed. 

The oils are not a surface preparation surface, but penetrate deeply into the pores of wood and provide a durable and long lasting protection. The Osmo Anti-Slip particles bind with the oil and are attached to the surface of the wood providing a subtle sandpaper like feel to the touch. 

Osmo also provide Anti-Slip decking boards which are pre-finished first with the appropriately matching Wood Oil colour, with a single top coat of the Osmo Anti-Slip Decking Oil applied after installation. 

Use Osmo Anti-Slip Decking Oil with your existing wooden deck to provide a beautiful natural wood finish.  The Anti-Slip Decking osmo Oil can be used in conjunction with one of Osmo’s Wood Oil colours in the matching natural colour tone of the timber - for example combined with Osmo Bangkirai-Oil - or alternatively it can be used as a stand alone finish.


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