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Osmo: Natural  Healthy Living

Osmo: Natural Healthy Living

Posted in Wood Finishing by Source on July 13rd 2011
>Good for both humans and wood: The Sunflower, soya, linseed and Thistle oil, the basis of our wood finishes as well as the waxes and the pigments which Osmo uses are classed as food safe. Osmo finishes contain an unusually high amount of pigment and oils and as such they have a much better coverage than more conventional finishes, they leave a stunning surface finish after just one or two coats, without the need for a primer or base coat.

The result: with just one tin of Osmo you can achieve near to double the square meter coverage of an ordinary finishing system, and in comparison to other paints, which need primers etc: the time you need to uses Osmo is massively reduced, saving you time and money. Osmo natural wood finishes can easily renovated at any time without the need for sanding.It may not even be necessary to re-finish the entire surface but simply touch up damaged or faded areas.  Wood is a natural material, the cell structure, similar to our skin, can take on and release moistures, it breathes.

To ensure that this exchange is not prevented Osmo have created finishes especially trimmed to the character of the wood. Osmo natural wood finishes are based on oils and waxes, the oil penetrates into the wood surface, protecting from deep within. The wood remains naturally beautiful, protected and durable. Only oils and waxes can give wood what it needs.

Osmo Products: For any information about our Osmo products please feel free to contact us on  01379 652613 or 08456 021781


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