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Osmo Polyx Oils: Beauty that Lasts a Lifetime

Osmo Polyx Oils: Beauty that Lasts a Lifetime

Posted in Wood Finishing by Source Wood Floors on July 2nd 2015
John Keats’ verse saying that, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness,” calls to mind the description of a wood whose beauty never fades with just the proper maintenance. That’s why many homeowners still prefer wooden flooring over its counterparts. But how do you preserve your wooden flooring’s luster and grandeur? We suggest you Invest in Osmo Polyx oils that can make your wooden floors last a lifetime!

Natural beauty that transcends time

Wood enthusiasts receive the birth of Osmo Polyx Oils to the commercial word as good news. Their durability comes with their ability to penetrate deep into the wood so that the wood’s natural beauty is preserved and its lifespan, increased. Say goodbye to wood stains as Osmo Polyx Oils keep your wooden surfaces water-resistant and dirt-resistant. Their micro porous quality protects the wood from peeling, cracking, and blistering. Many users are stunned by the fact that they offer perfect coverage while still giving the wood a soft finish look. Moreover, they are really easy to apply and can save you on labour costs. They stand as better, safer, cheaper, and more long-lasting alternative to varnishes and other wood cures, such as teak oils, linseed oils, Tung oils, and Danish oils.

Not just for floors

Just when you thought that these oils are only meant for your wooden flooring, you are in for a surprise! Since Osmo Polyx Oils are made from completely natural ingredients, they are non-toxic, and are compliant with European safety standards. This is the reason why they can also be applied on furniture as well as on slate and non-glazed ceramic tiles. They can be used with plants, animals, and even with children’s toys.

Durability lies in the proper application

Remember though, that Osmo Polyx Oils can do their job only if you ensure their proper application. The secret to a flawless floor when using Osmo Polyx Oils is applying such oils as thinly as possible. Anything that is too much is bad and the same is true with this Oils. Too much application of these oils can result to a rather tacky surface. When this happens, you may need to open your doors and windows to provide ventilation while letting the oils dry.

So if you want your wooden floor to be your joy forever, give your wood the proper care it deserves. Preserve its beauty through the use of the ever-durable Osmo Polyx Oils.


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