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Osmo Polyx Oils for Interior Timber, Furniture and Worktops

Osmo Polyx Oils for Interior Timber Furniture and Worktops

Posted in Wood Finishing by Source Wood Floors on July 17th 2015
Applying top coats to woodwork shields it from certain elements. Without it, wood may look dry and dull. Coating wood furniture, floors, and worktops, whether you stain them or not, gives exquisite-looking richness and elegance while protecting them from scrapes, dirt, and everyday weather. Using the right finish will help bring out the beauty of interior timber.

But with tons of coating products available in the market nowadays, choosing the right one may be super confusing. From oils to waxes, each type of finish comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages that you have to weigh out according to your needs and preferences.

Benefits of using Osmo Polyx oils

Osmo polyx oils products can help you simplify the selection process.Being a hardwax oil, it combines the properties of oil and wax finishes to take advantage of the good points of both. It integrates the convenience and ease of applying oil and the appearance and durability of wax into one product. It can be used on flooring, furniture, worktops, and even on slate and non-glazed ceramic tiles.
Its surface is extremely tough and hard-wearing. Indeed, it provides excellent protection against water and dirt. The finish is resistant to everyday liquids like coffee, wine, and cola, so you don’t have to worry about spills ruining your furniture. The smooth finish also enables dirt to be easily and completely removed.

With all these in place, peace of mind is definitely another bonus when using this product. In fact, if in the unlikely event that your woodwork’s surface still managed to get damaged, renovating is extremely easy. All that needs to be done is to clean and retreat the worn areas.Sanding or removing the previous coating is unnecessary.

Another noteworthy advantage of using this product is its micro-porous nature. This means that it does not flake, crack, blister, or peel.Because of this, you can also use it as a treatment even in highly-humid rooms. What’s more, the wear resistance of treated surfaces even exceeds that of conventional parquet seals and varnish.

Osmo Polyx oil at Source Wood

Osmo Polyx oils come in a wide variety of products for your various needs. If you prefer to use the original variant, you can choose among glossy, satin, matte, and semi-matte finishes. There are both tinted and raw versions, too. The latter preserves the original color of raw wood as using clear finish may slightly darken its surface. Another excellent variant allows for quick drying, making the entire wood treating process a lot more convenient.

There are many other variants of this product. All you have to do is determine what you need and Osmo polyx oils will fill it in for you. Will all these variants and all the wooden materials it can be used on, this Osmo product definitely a home essential.


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