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Osmo UK Celebrates 25 Wonderful Years

Osmo UK Celebrates 25 Wonderful Years

Posted in Wood Finishing by Source on March 11st 2015
Osmo UK, the company known as the wood product specialist, is the famous creator of the renowned Polyx®-Oil, the one and only Hardwax-Oil, to wonderful constructions of floorings, decking, garden buildings, screens and fences, and pre-finished natural timber. The UK-based company has been known to provide natural and environment-friendly alternatives to wood finishing. Their goods are sourced from renewable, natural vegetable oils that can deeply penetrate into wood, to preserve its health and elasticity, thereby allowing it not to dry and become brittle.

Osmo UK’s journey to success

To date, Osmo UK now celebrates its 25th year into the industry. It was born in January 1990 by its owner Steve Grimwood, whose vision, passion and strong determination led the successful company to what it is today. But it was no easy ride. There was a deficiency of resources during the start while Steve was still starting the company, when he was still living under the roof of his parents' humble home in North Ruislip. He kept stocks in their garage and that’s when he realised the potential of Osmo's famous Natural Wood Finishes. It was in 1997 when he then decided to expand the business by moving to Ickenham.

Osmo UK started to trade at a small-scale warehouse in Stocklake Business Park in Aylesbury in 1997. This new setup allowed Steve to hire more staff members for the warehouse and the office as well. Because of this increased customer service quality, sales figures went up and stocks outgrew the warehouse within a span of 8 years. In 2005, Osmo UK transferred to a more spacious warehouse, times 10 in size, to Anglo Business Park.

After ten years, Osmo UK has now become fully operational with more staff members. This allows for faster dispatch of a large quantity of orders per week, giving unexpectedly fast deliveries from a large order volume. The staff office members also provided comprehensive and full training and customer support about the Osmo product range to the suppliers, DIY customers and professionals.

Since then, Osmo UK has gained worldwide branding throughout the wood industry and the whole world. As proof of its success, Osmo UK has exceptionally reached its sales goals for two and a half decades already. The past year witnessed Osmo UK growing into bigger scale as it continued to achieve goals further, together with the expansion of its range of products in order to fulfil the growing customer demands and individual preferences. Today, Osmo UK proudly faces an exciting future ahead with the promise of growth, expansion and development.

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