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Staining Hardwood Floors: Smarten Up Your Floors

Staining Hardwood Floors: Smarten Up Your Floors

Posted in Wood Finishing by Source on September 5th 2012
>Hardwood floors are a very stylish and versatile decorating option for your home. Indeed, the wide variety of colours available can help to create a modern, contemporary look or casual, rustic feel within any home. Although hardwood flooring is incredibly durable, exposure to UV rays from sunlight and persistent contact with heavy foot traffic can cause the colour and finish to change over a period of years. Thankfully, this is not a problem as you can simply stain your hardwood floor when this happens.

Staining a hardwood floor can provide you with a wealth of new colour options. For instance, lighter stains such as oak or maple can often help to make a room feel larger and give it a rural, rustic feel. Conversely, using a darker stain like mahogany or cherry can give a room a more formal look. Regardless of whether you stain your floor lighter or darker, do not try to match the new colour exactly to your existing furniture. It is practically impossible to achieve a perfect match and besides, choosing a colour that is close but not quite right will only make the colour scheme within a room feel mismatched.

It is worth remembering that homes with engineered hardwood floors generally sell for greater prices, so refinishing and staining a floor can be a good investment when it comes to building home equity. To find out more about engineered hardwood flooring, explore our pages further at www.sourcewoodfloors.co.uk. or call 08456 021781 (07557 688667 after office hours)


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