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White Flooring

White Flooring

Posted in Wood Finishing by Source on May 24th 2011
New Old Look Now Popular! The latest craze in wood flooring appears to be the trend by manufactures to produce antique or recycled looking wood flooring products. One of the finishes is white wood flooring. It’s a contemporary style but fits in equally as well in certain rooms in the more traditional home. The plus is that it gives a crisp finish to kitchens that may have dark units or a bedroom with heavy furniture, the accessories that can be added will bring the room to life’s Exotic rugs or bright furniture can give off an ambience that may be so need. Keeping them clean is of no difference than ordinary wood floors. Timber is elegant and wonderful for flooring. It looks classy and all-natural, and there are many different varieties of timber for you to choose from. From light coloured woods to dark, there is always a wood out there to complement your home and style. If you’re more in to paler wood, ash or birch may well be your solution. Paler woods are particularly great in small rooms due to the fact they make the room seem much bigger. If you couple this with a pale wall, the room will look much bigger compared to if you used darker colours. Ash is long-lasting and very strong. It isn’t prone to splitting and has great shock resistance. An added advantage is that it also takes a stain well should you wish to vary the colour. Birch can be creamy in colour and younger birch will be at the creamy end of the spectrum. If reclaimed timber is more your thing, beech might be a great choice. It is one of the most popular reclaimed woods used for recycled flooring and it will take a good deal of wear and tear. It is strong and resistant to splitting. Often you will find floors of beech with a clear urethane layer to help protect it. The grain is straight and is also fine, giving it a consistent look. You will find it available in dark brown to pale white. Please feel free to conatct us if you need any help with your flooring questions. Contact numbers: Sales: 08456 021781 Telephone: 01379 652613 Web: www.sourcewoodfloors.co.uk Email: enquiries@sourcewoodfloors.co.uk


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