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Wooden Work Tops....

Wooden Work Tops....

Posted in Wood Finishing by Source on June 30th 2012

Solid Wood for your Worktops

If you are looking to fit a wooden worktop in your kitchen or work-place, you are likely to come across a whole plethora of wood choices.  We have created this guide to help you get an overview of the different types of solid wooden worktops and their origins.

Ash Wood: Ash is one of the most widely available wood species in the UK and also one of the most popular. Properties such as strength and durability make Ash a perfect wood for worktops. Ash wood is also used to create baseball bats, tools and other items that require strength; further demonstrating it’s appeal.

Beech Wood: Sourced from a beech tree, Beech Wood is an extremely strong wood which is used in flooring, worktops, chairs and other types of furniture . As a species, it is native to the south of England where it grows in a broad range of soil types.Mahogany Wood : Mahogony is used to describe numerous varieties of dark-coloured hardwoods that include names such as ‘West Indian’ and ‘Cuban mahogany’. The reddish-brown colour of this wood is enhanced by a straight grain and is usually free of voids and pockets.   Mahogany Wood is used in a variety of ways from flooring, worktops and other types of furniture.

Bamboo Wood: Bamboo is a rapid growing grass and is in fact not wood at all, although when treated for domestic use it takes on the same characteristics as other woods used for flooring, worktops and furniture in terms of its durability, strength and stability. Its use is considered particularly environmentally friendly because the tree grows back quicker than most other trees and requires very limited resources to flourish.Wenge Wood: Rich and dark in colour, Wenge is a type of wood with a distinctive figure and a strong partridge pattern. Wenge wood is heavy and strong, making it a popular choice for flooring, worktops, staircases and other types of wooden construction. Wenge is native to the Republic of Congo.

Oak Wood: Oak is a type of tree that is extremely popular for the construction of various wooden structures and furniture. Oak wood, which is abundantly available, enjoys attractive grain markings, great strength and hardness. These properties make oak not only popular for wood construction, but also for shipbuilding and timber frame buildings.Walnut Wood: Walnut wood originates from the walnut tree, a family of over 21 species of trees found from Europe to Japan. Walnut timber is extremely hard, dense and tight-grained.  These properties make it a prized flooring and worktop wood.  It starts life as a dull brown colour wood, but when air-dried it becomes a rich chocolate-brown shade.

If you need any help with choosing wood for your work surfaces, please feel free to call us on 08456 021 781


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