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Easy Cleaning For Wooden Floors

Easy Cleaning For Wooden Floors

Posted in Wood Flooring Installation And Maintenance by Source on September 20th 2010
Bona UK has introduced a new Bona Spray Mop for cleaning wooden floors with ease. The spray cleaning kit will be available on this website very soon. It helps you to clean and maintain your wooden floor in a single sweep and has been speciallyy designed for wooden floors. Simply slot the cleaner cartrdge into the mop and then spray and clean as you go. The cartridge has been designed as a refillable unit so that there is no need to keep purchasing one litre spray bottles simply purchase the initial system and then all you ever need is the Bona cleaner four litre refills. The PH neutral floor cleaner is environmentally sound and cleans easily without leaving any residue or marks and works in conjunction with the washable microfibre cleaning pad. A lightweight yet sturdy mop, it is easily assembled and its ergonomic design and rotating head make it perfect for cleaning the most diffcult areas of your wooden floor. The Bona Spray Mop makes cleaning wood floors quick and easy. There is no need to fill up a bucket of water, no need to carefully squeeze excess water from a mop to avoid soaking the floorboards. The mop can be picked up and used literally within seconds, just sweep across the floor and pulling the trigger to release a small amount of cleaning solution spray. When the cartridge is empty, simply refill from the Bona wood floor cleaner 4 litre refill bottle. When the microfibre cleaning pad has picked up all the dirt, simply drop it into the washing machine and it will be ready for use again. Wood Floor Cleaning Tips Some Do's and Dont's of Wood Floor Cleaning Don't clean wooden floors with a wet mop - Too much water can cause the floorboards to swell, warp or turn grey Don't let sand, dirt or grit build up on the wood floor surface or in the grain of the timber - These can all act like sandpaper and can be very damaging to your wooden floor Don't use wax, soap or other household cleaners on wooden floors that are coated with a lacquer, oil or hardwax oil product - They can attact the finish, stripping it off or create a dull lustre finish to areas of the floor. Vacuum or sweep your floors regularly, ideally weekly or sooner to ensure that the grit and dirt is kept to a minimum Likewise it is important to have door mats at all exterior doorways to ensure that the majority of the diret and grit is trapped and never reaches your wooden floor. remove all spills and stains immediatley with the Bona Wood Floor Cleaner - stains that are allowed to rest for some time are much more likely to penetrate through to the wood causing discolouration. Use protective pads or caps on all furniture, especially heavy furniture items and to avoid damaging surface scratches to the wood floor finish and the timber itself. Likewise ensure that your pet's claws are kept well trimmed and try to avoid excessive traffic with shoes particularly high heels and especially damaged high heels.


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