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Give Your Floor A Treat

Give Your Floor A Treat

Posted in Wood Flooring Installation And Maintenance by Source on March 22nd 2011
OSMO TREAMENTS FOR WOOD FLOORS The process is relatively easy, so when you fancy a change and just have a weekend to do it in, this is a perfect way of spicing up the house. It will certainly change the mood of the house without purchasing any new furniture. So what are wood floor treatments? These are natural wood finishes with all the goodness of nature, made from natural oils and waxes, carnauba wax, sunflower oil, candelilla wax, thistle oil and more. When you invest in a beautiful wood floor it is of utmost importance that you treat it with respect and Osmo hard wax oils provide natural character, durability and protection for all interior and exterior timber. Wooden floors are often exposed to great stresses and strains, therefore they require extra protection and Osmo hard wax oils offer a very durable finish. This protection should not disturb or change the natural appearance of the wood‘s surface. For floors and joinery which need more than a general clean,  or are looking a bit faded or worn, Osmo is the ideal product. The range of Osmo hard wax oils provide this protection from within the wood itself, bringing the natural grain and character of the wood to life whilst offering maximum protection and allowing it to “breathe”. This helps to maintain its elastic surface qualities and allows it to complement its environment. Ok, so now we talk about the features of Osmo Hard wax Oils. Well, we need to talk about the product quality and firstly  there is a low percentage of solvents (High solid/full solid), you get a Primer and final coat from just one tin, AND the most important thing is that it is easy to apply with a paintbrush, or floor brush. You also get a very good coverage, meaning it’s a low price per square metre. It’s a natural product - does not contain biocides or preservatives - safe for humans, animals and plants when dry and is suitable for use on children’s toys. The natural grain of the wood is enhanced, and is completely odourless when dry, extremely resistant to damp and dirt, and resistant to red wine, coffee, fizzy drinks etc. and that’s a bonus with parties’,  kids and teenagers! It does not crack, flake peel or blister, and if there is a small area, partial renovation is possible without needing to sand the entire floor area. And of course when the floor is oiled you can look at the surface quality which will give a beautiful natural appearance and feel. Wood is an ideal and healthy material with which to create modern homes. Although as a non-professional it can be difficult to assess the quality of wood at first glance, but with Osmo hard wax oils you can be sure that you are buying only the very best. So, in a nutshell, With Osmo natural wood finishes the wood surface retains its natural character and charm but also becomes abrasion, water and dirt resistant – a long lasting surface protection against those small daily mishaps.

Oiled floors gain a richer patina as they get older (much like us). And a little loving and care occasionally will ensure they maintain their beauty and make your house … a home.



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