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How To Fix Squeaky Solid Wood Flooring

How To Fix Squeaky Solid Wood Flooring

Posted in Wood Flooring Installation And Maintenance by Source on August 23rd 2013
Squeaky floors are a common problem in many homes and usually occur when the flooring dries out and shrinks. Creaking sounds can be produced as a result of the boards rubbing against each other and also from loose nails in the flooring.

How To Locate Squeaking In Solid Wood Flooring

If you want to fix squeaky solid wood flooring, first you have to locate the source of the noise. If finding the source is too difficult, enlist the help of a friend to move around the squeaky area while you listen and watch for any subfloor movement from below. Make sure you are looking out for loose nails or solid wood boards that are rubbing together. Once you find the source of the squeak, measure its location in relation to a wall or heating register so that you can locate it from below. Go downstairs and measure these distances along the subfloor. If your flooring is carpeted, you can drive an 8d finish nail through to mark the squeak source.

How To Fix Squeaky Solid Wood Flooring

If you want to fix squeaky solid wood flooring follow these simple steps:
  • Fill the gaps with shims and reinforce the joists.
  • Then fill the gaps with construction adhesive and block beneath squeaky joints.
  • Screw solid flooring from below.
Most squeaks are caused by the boards rubbing against another. Solid wood floor is usually fastened using hundreds of nails, so squeaks will often occur as the floor ages. For more information please email enquiries@sourcewoodfloors.co.uk or call 01379 652613


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