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How To Keep Wooden Flooring Looking Great

How To Keep Wooden Flooring Looking Great

Posted in Wood Flooring Installation And Maintenance by Source on February 1st 2012
If you are fortunate enough to live in a home which has wooden floors, you will want to ensure they stay looking pristine for many years to come. Thankfully, there are several ways in which you can maintain your hardwood flooring so that it always remains in top condition.


Because most wooden floors are finished or varnished, they are usually very easy to clean. Indeed, a simple dry mop is normally all that’s needed to clean a dusty floor which has little in the way of dirt or grime. However, if dirt is present then you will need to use a wet mop or sponge, along with a gentle cleaning solution, to help you get your floor back to its shiny best.


Another good way to ensure your solid or engineered wood flooring remains in great shape is to treat it to a wax or polish after it has received a thorough clean. This can easily be done by yourself although there are also plenty of professional companies around that will do it for you if you’re less than keen to get down on your hands and knees.


It is important that any carpets or rugs which you may choose to put on your wooden floors aren’t held in place with fasteners or tacks as these may cause long-term damage to the wood. Explore our pages further to learn more about engineered wood floors and view our outstanding flooring options in greater detail.


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