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Avoid High Street Prices With Sourced Wood Floors

Avoid High Street Prices With Sourced Wood Floors

Posted in Wood Flooring News by Source on June 8th 2012

You can spend an absolute fortune on engineered hardwood flooring but is that really necessary? Many people simply assume that they have to spend a lot in order to acquire something that will last decades rather than years, but this really isn't the case. 

At Source Wood Floors, we have a great selection of wood floors that are both the highest quality hardwood flooring you can invest in and the lowest direct wholesale prices available. This can mean that you make significant savings on high street prices for similar products. We only take the best quality flooring from the best trade companies who offer exceptional value for exceptional quality. Along with this, we must also insist that our customers are able to choose the finish of their engineered hardwood floors. This can give you the maximum number of options regarding how you fit the floor into your home, rather than adapting your home to fit the flooring.

On top of this we can also offer expert guidance on how to install such floors as well as adding other features such as matching trims, mouldings and skirting. Maintenance is always an imperative part in keeping flooring like this looking as good as it possibly can. This can help to protect your initial investment as much as possible and can protect it against future mistakes.

By ordering from us you can also have these high quality products delivered direct to your door by next day delivery, if you wish. We can also deliver on Saturdays and weekday mornings for your convenience.


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