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Bamboo Flooring Solutions...

Bamboo Flooring Solutions...

Posted in Wood Flooring News by Source on May 18th 2012


The incredibly durable, versatile and sustainable properties of bamboo have seen it become the hardwood flooring material of choice for environmentally aware residents who are keen for their homes to have an eco-friendly edge. 

In addition to their green qualities, bamboo floors are also very popular because they can be adapted to suit any decorating style. This is because bamboo can be dyed into many different colours or kept completely natural. Similarly, it can be finished or remain unfinished. Quite simply, the choices are as many and varied as the options in your imagination. 

Bamboo is available as either a solid wood or engineered wood flooring solution. Whilst these two options may look very similar when they are installed, there are some differences regarding their strength. Solid bamboo flooring consists exclusively of bamboo strips that are pressed together to create the floorboards. Whilst this undoubtedly helps to create a more ‘pure’ floor, it can only really be nailed or glued onto a subfloor. Engineered bamboo flooring on the other hand consists of bamboo strips on top of other types of wood underneath. This option often works out to be stronger than solid bamboo as the blending of woods provides greater integral strength. In addition, engineered bamboo flooring can be floated onto subfloors as well as be nailed or glued. 

When it comes to solid and engineered wood flooring solutions, nobody offers more than us here at Source Woodfloors. Browse our pages further to find out more.


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