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Combining Finish, Texture And Shade

Combining Finish, Texture And Shade

Posted in Wood Flooring News by Source on June 15th 2012

Oak wood floors come in a variety of different tones that can suit your house or apartment. They typically have a rich tone that can complement any number of interior design schemes, from the rustic to the ultra modern. Engineered wood flooring options like this are meant to add an inviting warm glow to any place they are installed in. If you don’t want the hassle of carpeting your home, then oak can be a real alternative that is easy to clean and can last for decades.

At Source Wood Floors, we offer a variety of different options for your engineered wood floors. We have a number of different ranges including Matt Lacquered, Satin Lacquered, Eco Easy Care Oil, Natural Oil, Gloss Lacquered, Unfinished and Unsanded. Depending on your project the type of finish will be all important as will the type of texture. Having a smooth texture can add a level of contemporary sophistication, whereas a brushed design might go better with a more traditional home, maybe with open brickwork. We can also offer aged and distressed textures that contribute to a traditional look without any of the associated concerns that old timber brings.

We can also offer you different shades so you can maximise that amount of light in your room if you wish. For those rooms that need to make the most of a natural light source, a bright wood floor can reflect and brighten the entire room. Alternatively, darker tones can give you a more subtle range of tones.


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