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Fitting Hardwood Flooring To Existing Floorboards

Fitting Hardwood Flooring To Existing Floorboards

Posted in Wood Flooring News by Source on June 29th 2012
Fitting hardwood flooring to existing, or original floorboards, in most cases, is a relatively straightforward and effective installation option.  That said, because existing, or original floorboards are often made of softwood, it is highly likely that they will have bowed, cupped or shrunk, which means that the surface may have become irregular.  If your existing or original floorboards are very irregular it may be worth considering a screed or introducing a plywood or chipboard sub floor to improve the stability of your new floor.

In most instances, some irregularity in your existing or original floor shouldn’t pose a major problem if you’re planning to fit a hardwood floor which is at least, and preferably over, 18mm thick.  Assuming you have chosen a hardwood flooring option which is 18mm thick or more, in most instances it will be a straightforward case of fixing the new boards directly to the old boards.

While there are 3 main methods of installation for hardwood flooring (gluing, floating and nailing), the best method to use when fitting hardwood flooring to existing or original floorboards is the secret nailing method.  Secret nailing involves putting nails through the tongue of the wooden boards.  Those nails are then covered when the groove is butted up to the secured board.  It is important, when planning the installation, to make sure that you lay new boards at 90 degrees to the old, existing boards to ensure stability.

If you are in doubt about the suitability of your existing or original floorboards for the fitting of your new hardwood floor, or you don’t for any reason want to lay your boards in a perpendicular direction to the existing floor, then it may be worth considering fitting a plywood or chipboard base to create a more stable sub floor.
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