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Give Your Wood Floor Some Accessories

Give Your Wood Floor Some Accessories

Posted in Wood Flooring News by Source on March 30th 2011

Accessorising Your Wood Floors 

So you have finally got round to having a beautiful wood floor instead of a carpet! It’s laid and it’s something to behold, you didn't realise just how much it would change your room. Now all you have to do is accessorise the floor.

WOOD DOORS:  Changing the  interior doors to match your wood floors can make a massive difference. There is a huge variety of doors available, especially oak doors. Also a full range of veneered Oak doors, walnut doors, Cherry, Beech, Pine, Pitch Pine, and white doors. If you decide to go down the route of having bespoke doors then be aware that these will be more costly due to the individual manufacturing processes.

A large number of Oak doors are unfinished when bought, so you can seal them to match the floor with either oil or varnish, and they can be colour oiled to blend in with similar coloured oiled floors. Oils are the most common finish for doors however varnish / lacquer is adequate. 

The majority of doors are veneered hardwood for both conservation and stability however there are a small number of solid wood doors available. External doors also come in various timbers – usually veneered again for stability due to the high exposure to cold, heat and moisture. A new front door is a perfect finish to the front of your house. Wood doors range in style from Victorian style, 1930s style to the modern and contemporary – there is a door style to suit all tastes, colours and styles. 

SKIRTING, ARCHITRAVE AND DOOR CASINGS.  Having a wonderful looking wooden floor sometimes isn't enough, so the best way to complement a new wood door is to accessorise with the matching door frame, architrave and skirting. There are a large range of door casings, architraves and skirting’s available to complement the wood flooring and doors you have chosen, as they come in many styles and timbers. The most popular wood is the oak – available in both engineered and solid door casings. There is very little difference between the solid and engineered casings, however joiners will often specify the types preferred or there will be a preference due to location. Skirting board and mouldings are often used around the perimeter of rooms to cover the expansion gap between floor and wall. There are several different profiled door thresholds that can be used to join flooring to flooring at the same of different heights. R-Ramps can be used if the difference in height is more than 10mm.

All of our skirting’s, mouldings trims and thresholds are manufactured from solid pine grade oak, and are finished in natural oil, lacquer, or left unfinished. We can also stain match all of our skirtings and mouldings to match your floor or furniture. Also to compliment your flooring there is a wonderful selection of different profiled skirting boards, all made to order from the very best solid prime oak. They come in Taurus, Ogee, Chamfered, plain square edge, Bullnose and Castle profiles. All our skirting boards can be matched if required and we even have profiles available in white primed made from Tulip wood. 

Skirting’s can make your new floor look completely finished – they enhance the hardwood floor giving clean lines around the edges of the room – the floors look like they have been part of the home for some time. Once again, oak skirting is the most popular timber to blend with the oak floors. Oak skirting’s have often been used to complement light coloured carpets as well as oak flooring to break up the room between light floors and light walls – this is often done in bedrooms where people often want the comfort of carpet but with a hint of wood.

If you require something a little more minimalistic than skirting boards then we have a selection of scotia, perimeter or quadrant mouldings to choose from. Architraves also come in both solid and engineered timber. The style of architrave varies and matches most skirting board profiles. It is also possible to have architrave blocks – small squares on the corners – an older design now becoming popular once again. Styles of architrave include original designs such as Taurus, ogee and plus other more contemporary styles such as pencil round (bullnose), chamfered and square edged. 

DON'T FORGET THE RUGS! Hard surfaces (tile, hardwood, laminate) are very popular flooring choices, but sometimes too much wood can feel cold. A great way to counter this is to use an area rug over your hard surface flooring. Area rugs can add warmth, soften sound and create a focal point for your room. There are such a wide variety of colours and styles available to suit everyone’s taste. Whether your home features oriental decorations, is more traditional or contemporary; a well-placed area rug can be a great anchor for the accessories in the room.

Area rugs fit well in front of a settee, under a coffee table, dining room table and the foot of the bed. You can add a spark to your room with fluffy shag or elegant wool. There are even water-resistant rugs that are designed for outdoor areas such as patios and lanais. If you think your furniture needs a pick-me-up or your room needs a new punch of colour, consider accessorizing from the floor up with a stylish area rug. 

For more ideas on flooring take a look at our wood flooring collections at www.sourcewoodfloors.co.uk.


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