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New Floor Styles by Elka Wood Flooring

New Floor Styles by Elka Wood Flooring

Posted in Wood Flooring News by Source Wood Floors on August 24th 2015
Elka Wood Flooring has always lived up to its mission of beautifying homes with the classic and authentic elegance of wood flooring. Its laminated wood product range has uniform quality in every board. The engineered wood and solid wood flooring category always utilizes high standard hardwood that has been carefully evaluated to make sure that it has outstanding quality to help withstand the test of time.

As part of the commitment of Elka Wood Flooring to provide quality wood flooring, new floor styles have been added to its stunning collection. Below are some of the ranges available for you. Read on and see if a style will be a perfect match for your home.

1. Elka Dusky Oak
The Elka Dusky Oak has a thickness of 14mm with a wear layer of 3mm. It has a few crotches, swirls and burls. It was prepared by oiling, smoking, brushing, sawing, and staining. It has a B, C, D, and E grade.

2. Elka Truffle Oak
The Elka Truffle Oak also has a thickness of 14mm and a wear layer of 3mm. It was treated by oiling, smoking, brushing and sanding knots. It has a B, C, and D grade.

3. Elka Native Oak
The Elka Native Oak is 18 mm thick with a wear layer of 4mm. It was prepared with a Matt lacquer coating, smoking, brushing and sawing. It has a B, C, and D grade.

4. Elka Autumn Oak
The Elka Autumn Oak has a thickness of 22mm with a 6mm wear layer. It was prepared by smoking and oiling. It contains cracks and sunken knots. It has a B, C, D, and E grade.

5. Elka Copper Oak
The Elka Copper Oak is similar to the Autumn Oak with a thickness of 22mm and a wear layer of 6mm. It was smoked and oiled. It also contains cracks and sunken knots with a B, C, D, and E grade.

This batch of Elka Wood Flooring styles has been fumed or treated with ammonia. The resulting reaction gives it a darker color. The intensity of the dark shade is a result of the content of tannin of the wood. The higher tannin content it has, the darker it gets. The color may vary since the amount of this substance in each tree is also different. The tone is definitely warmer thereby accentuating the feel of nature inside your home.

Elka Wood Flooring: Providing Classic and Authentic Elegance

Indeed Elka Wood Flooring has provided homeowners wide array of quality wood floorings to choose from. The different styles and finishes are sure to help fulfill whatever concept your mind is brewing for beautifying your home. All of this partnered with a 25 year structural guarantee and 1 year surface treatment, Elka Wood Flooring is your companion for a cosy and gorgeous home. What’s more is they are readily available here at Source Wood Floors.


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