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Oak: A Little Bit Of History!

Oak: A Little Bit Of History!

Posted in Wood Flooring News by Source on February 20th 2011

Oak wood has a density of about 0.75 g/cm³, great strength and hardness, and is very resistant to insect and fungal attack because of its high tannin content. It also has very attractive grain markings, particularly when quarter sawn.  Wide, quarter-sawn boards of oak have been prized since the middle ages and used in the construction of fine furniture.

Oak wood was used in Europe for the construction of ships, especially naval men of war until the 19th century, and was the principal timber used in the construction of European timber framed buildings. Today oak wood is still commonly used for furniture making and flooring, timber frame buildings, and for veneer production. [gallery] SUFFOLK OAK LAQUERED FLOORING 

It is well known that oak is one of the hardest and most durable woods, so whatever the space, laying a solid oak floor is not only good, and a hard wearing option, but it’s a terrific way of adding value! It’s warm underfoot, rich in colour and easy to maintain! And like all good investments it will mature with age, its looks improving as time goes by! 

Solid wood flooring is milled from a single solid piece of natural hardwood timber. If looked after, a solid hard wood floor will last hundreds of years. Instead of being dumped in landfill it can simply be brought back to life by sanding and then re-finishing it to provide a surface as good as the day it was laid. So whatever your house throws at you, kids, dogs or you just want a beautiful floor… we genuinely love our solid oak flooring and we're sure that you’ll love it too! 

For more views on great flooring, take a look at our wood flooring collections at www.sourcewoodfloors.co.uk.


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