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Source Wood Floors Faq

Source Wood Floors Faq

Posted in Wood Flooring News by Source on January 23rd 2014

Do you have showrooms where I can view the wooden floors you have available?

Yes, we do have a small showroom; all you have to do is give us a call so we can arrange a suitable day to have our staff on site, where they can offer you professional and impartial advice. If you don’t have the time to see us at the showroom, we also provide free samples for our wooden floors to help you choose the most suitable type of flooring.

What are the delivery times for the floors?

Wood flooring accessories are delivered within 48 hours but can be next day 9.00, 10.00 or 12.00. Typically, wooden flooring takes up to three days to ship, but we can dispatch it quicker depending on circumstances. The exception is custom finished wood floor products, which can take approximately up to three weeks to dispatch.

Can I track my wooden floors order?

Once you place an order for your wooden floors and it passes through for delivery, the courier normally sends tacking details to you directly via email. However, if an email is not forthcoming, we hold all the tracking details and can track the parcel for you.

After the installation, how long does it take for the floor to cure?

Typically, wooden floors may be walked on or sanded 24-48 hours after the installation. A lot depends on the climatic conditions and the thickness of the adhesive layer.

How should I look after my new flooring to avoid early wear?

Though wooden floors are hardwearing, they can be damaged without proper care. You can prevent the majority of problems by making sure that heavy furniture and appliances have special felt pads on them. A quality door mat can also help protect your wooden flooring from dust and grit. Regular maintenance includes sweeping the floor and then mopping with a damp gentle cloth.

Are wooden floors suitable for people who have allergies or asthma?

Solid wood floors are installed with closed joints in between the planks. This means that dust and dust mites do not accumulate there. Allergens will not survive on clean wooden floors, so wooden flooring is an ideal choice for people who look for a hygienic flooring option.

What are the wood species available at Source Wood Floors?

We stock many types, stains and finishes of oak, walnut and other, more exotic wood species such as blacknut, prime maple, cherry, jatoba, cabreuva and bamboo.

Do you stock cheaper alternatives to solid wood flooring?

Yes, engineered wood flooring is an affordable option if you want to enjoy the beauty of wood in your home, for less. Engineered floors are made from at least three plies of wood which is laminated to form a single plank. This type of flooring is gaining more popularity because it is easily installed, does not require repeated sanding and is easy to maintain.

What kind of moisture levels can I expect from the flooring supplied by Source Wood Floors?

Generally it is 7-10%, which is the industry standard. Completely dry wood will only take up the moisture in the room and eventually the levels would reach equilibrium.

Do you stock unfinished wood floors?

Yes, you can also get unfinished floors at Source Wood Floors. Give them the finish that you like to match the interior of your home. At our online store you will also find stains, oils or lacquers to help you make the finish of your floor perfect.


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